New roof project, Midland Park, NJ 07432

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Sometimes its easy to only think about the final results of a project – what a room will look like when its re-painted or what a lawn will look like when its flat and green. But without paying attention to prepping & priming the walls of the room or putting down fertilizer on the lawn you can’t get to the desired end result.

The same is true of a new roof – without careful attention to how the old roof is removed and patched up when necessary, a new roof will never give the protection its designed to provide.

Old roof removal

While it is possible to put a new roof over an existing roof (its generally cheaper to do this) there are limitations:

  • Two layers of roofing is the maximum in most jurisdictions
  • You’ll be adding the weight of a whole new roof to your house – are your underlying supports in good enough shape?
  • There’s no way to inspect the underlying roof sheathing if you don’t remove the old roof
  • New underlayment and water proofing can’t be added

For this client in Midland Park we knew we’d need to remove the old roof because it was already old and showing signs of wear and tear beyond what would be generally expected. The Sky Tech Construction applied tarps to the side of the house to make the task of removing the old material easier and also to keep any debris away from sensitive areas around the house.

New roof installation

This particular client selected the very popular Atlas Black Pristine Lifetime Shingle. Atlas Pinnacle Pristine High Performance Architectural Shingles offer many benefits for homeowners:

  • They offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • They are rated up to 130 mph wind resistance
  • They feature Scotchgard protection against algae

The roof was matched with 5 inch white seamless gutters and 2 x 3 leaders to provide an essentially maintenance free package for the client.

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