New roof – Ringwood, NJ 07456

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In New Jersey the State allows homeowners to apply a second set of roofing shingles over existing shingles thereby eliminating the need to strip the old shingles from the roof.

The main advantage to this is one of cost – the homeowner saves the cost of removing the old shingles and the cost of having them hauled away.

There are a couple of disadvantages to this approach:

  • Adding a second layer of shingles adds more weight to the roof and potentially adds excessive stress to the building
  • Adding a second layer does not reveal any damage that might be lurking below the surface – damage to the support materials that’s not fixed can bring larger problems later
  • Adding a second layer almost always voids any warranty attached to the original shingles

Our client in Ringwood had run out of options – they already had two layers of shingles and were seeing shingles falling off, causing leaks and a dangerous situation for the homeowners. The same statute that allows the use of a second layer expressly disallows the application of any new shingles to roofs with 2 existing roof coverings without first removing the existing roof coverings.

The “before” showing the wear & tear to roof and gutters

Sky Tech Construction removed all the roofing only to find 12 sheets of damaged plywood which we removed and placed with new plywood. During the removal process we use great care to ensure that debris is moved away from sensitive landscaping and the home.

Large, heavy duty tarps are used to remove roof debris quickly and safely

The client selected an Atlas Lifetime Weathered Wood roof system with ridge vents.

Weathered Wood Shingles

As part of the project we removed all the gutters, damaged fascia and soffit from the overhangs. These were replaced with all new materials and covered with white vinyl soffits and aluminum wrapping. We custom bent and installed new white 5 inch seamless gutters and new white 2 x 3 leaders to complete the look!

Nearly done!

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