Outdoor building project – Ringwood, NJ 07456

Our client had an interesting problem to solve – they were the owners of a lovely new pool area but the pool was a distance away from the house and the path between the two had to navigate a stream that ran through the property.


Dave and his crew from SkyTech Construction proposed and then eventually built a foot bridge over the stream to allow easy access to the pool area. SkyTech handled all the engineering and permit requirements from the township.



The construction used two 27 feet long 5-1/2” x 18” pressure treated lumber lengths to traverse the stream. The bridge was then completed with custom-built decking, railings and stairs. The finished bridge looks great and allows our client safe and easy access to their pool!



If you have an outdoor construction project that requires some “out of the box” thinking or maybe you’re planning a new deck please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dave Johnson at SkyTech Construction today at 973-962-4141 for your no-obligation, complimentary appraisal.