Roof and gutters project – Hewitt, NJ

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Our client in Hewitt, New Jersey, owns a lovely log cabin-styled home. Log cabins were first reported back in the days of the Roman Empire and are to this day very popular across Europe and Scandinavia. The first reports of log cabins in the US date back to the 1600’s and are associated with settlers from Sweden and Finland.

A NJ log house from the early 16oo’s

Log cabins are typically unique in design and construction – no two log cabins are ever the same. This was certainly the case for our client in Hewitt. From one side the house looks like a “traditional” single floor cabin – from the other side we can see that its much bigger, extending to two floors with varying roof pitches.

View of house from front
Same house from rear

When we removed the old roof we discovered that there was barely any insulation between the old roof and the sub-structure so we added 1 inch insulation to the roof decking, 2 rows of ice shield, and 30 lb. felt paper to help insulate the home. The client selected Atlas Lifetime Weathered Wood shingles for their new roof.

Atlas Pinnacle Pristine High Performance Architectural Shingles offer many benefits for homeowners:

  • They offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • They are rated up to 130 mph wind resistance
  • They feature Scotchgard protection against algae
Weathered Wood Shingles

To complete the project we:

  • Replaced the Velux skylights with new ones.
  • Added Bronze aluminum chimney flashings to match the new Bronze 5 inch seamless gutters and covers.
  • We added extra 2 x 3 Bronze leader drains to help divert the rain water away from the foundation

Do you have a unique house that needs help with its exterior upkeep? Whether its a new roof, new gutters or new siding we hope you’ll consider Sky Tech Construction. Give Dave Johnson (owner) a call today at 973-962-4141 and arrange your no-obligation estimate.