At Sky Tech Construction we believe that your decision to pick a roofing contractor is one of the most important ones you’ll make as a homeowner so we approach it with great respect and try to make it as unpressured and educational as possible.

The Process

It’s our intention to meet with all our homeowners at the initial stages of the process. We understand that this is not always possible, but we do offer both evening and weekend appointments. This part of the project is handled exclusively by the owner, Dave Johnson.

We inspect every roof at the first appointment, surveying the roof and taking pictures. While it’s hard to tell what might be underneath the surface of the shingles we use this survey to prepare a detailed proposal.

After the roof inspection we’ll tell you whether we think the roof can be repaired or whether it needs replacement. Repairing the roof is normally significantly less expensive than replacing the roof, but due to other factors (age of roof, type of shingles, etc.) replacing the roof might be the best long-term bet.

Dave advises the homeowner on what to expect during the job:

  • How Sky Tech takes care of your landscaping, furniture and other personal belongings
  • How loud it is during the work
  • What else to expect during the project
  • Clean-up after the work is completed

All roof replacement projects are covered by Sky Tech’s 10 year warranty on workmanship – this is in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

Frequently asked questions about Roofing

  1. Cost – obviously the cost of a new roof is significant and a very important component in the homeowner’s decision process. The truth is that every home is different and every homeowner has different expectations with regards to value and budget. Our aim is to work with each and every client and work within the budget constraints and get to a point where the cost is still important but not the overriding concern for the homeowner.
  2. Clean-up – questions about the clean-up are the second most frequent questions we hear. We take extra special care at clean-up;
    • Landscaping features are covered and furniture is moved when possible.
    • We specifically use rubber-tired trailers to remove waste from the job site rather than old, metal dumpsters. We can’t control dumpsters that come from a rental company and don’t want out clients being inconvenienced.
    • We sweep the area around the house 2 – 3 times after the project is complete with industrial strength magnets to remove stray nails.

Our Roofing Partners

Sky Tech Construction is proud of both its workmanship and the products that come from our preferred supplier partners. We work only with the “best in the business” including:

atlas-logo Atlas Roofing – Atlas roofing shingles are pretreated with Scothgard™ to prevent the black streaks caused by algae. Atlas offers many options with regards to budget, colors and warranties.


logo-gaf-82px GAF – the oldest and largest shingle manufacturer in the world, GAF provides multiple layers of options to their clients including a large range of colors, expected longevity and styles.


tamko-logo2-82px Tamko Roofing – Tamko have been making building products since 1944 with 11 manufacturing facilities around the USA which enables them to provide “local” service to their clients.