Homeowners think about changing windows for a variety of reasons; maybe the installed ones are very old and are letting in draughts, maybe they’re functional but don’t look very nice, maybe you just want to be able to clean them without climbing a ladder! At Sky Tech Constructions we’ve been installing windows a long time and can give you expert advice based on your specific situation.

The Process

Our owner, Dave Johnson handles this part of the business personally. Dave will come to your home and discuss your plans and with your input will determine the best solution for your needs, whether you need full frame replacement windows or if replacing just the sashes will suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

  1. Cost – As indicated above there’s a wide range of pricing and costs on replacement windows depending on whether you need complete, full frame replacement windows, whether you can use standard windows or need custom-built windows or whether you can get away with installing just the sliding glass components.
  2. Draught prevention – windows that let in the cold are the biggest prompt to homeowners that they need to consider new windows. If you’re feeling a draught or a breeze around or near your windows or doors then it’s safe to assume that you’re probably spending more money than you need to for heating or cooling your home.

Our Window Partners

Sky Tech Construction is proud of both its workmanship and the products that come from our preferred supplier partners. We work only with the “best in the business” including:


andersen_logo-82px Andersen Windows – perhaps the best known and well-respected name in the replacement window business, Andersen Windows is the largest window and door manufacturer in North America. They’ve been around since 1903 and now employ more than 9000 people.


simonton-82px Simonton Windows – manufacturers of vinyl windows, Simonton were founded in 1946 and today have a product portfolio of 12 different windows and door lines. Their ProFinish Contractor series was named Best Vinyl Window by Consumer Reports.


pella-logo-82px Pella – Pella Windows are available in a wide variety of styles (awning, casement, double & single-hung, etc.) and materials, including wood, fiberglass and vinyl.


marvin_rose-82px Marvin – Marvin Windows and Doors is another well-established American windows manufacturer, established in 1904 best known for their wood framed windows.