Decks are our own, personal, unique outdoor spaces. They can run from simple to extremely complex, they can be small to huge. Every deck is different and our approach to building your deck takes this into account.

The Process

Our owner, Dave Johnson handles this part of the business personally. Dave will come to your home and discuss your plans and with your input will individually design a deck that meets your needs and falls within your budget. While we can work from an architect’s plans, 90% of all the decks we build are based on drawings that Sky Tech Construction supplies. These drawings have two uses:

  • They enable us to get the necessary permits from your town (Sky Tech Construction obtains all required permits for you)
  • They act as our plan for the work to be done

There are two choices for decks today that cover 95%+ of all the deck projects we see:

  1. Pressure treated lumber decks – this might be regarded as the traditional type of deck, made from wood. We pick up the wood on your behalf from a lumberyard and using our years of experience and the best available construction methods we build your deck.
  2. Composite decking – composite decking is a man-made product that is made from recycled wood fibers and plastic. (Probably the most well-known brand of composite decking is Trex®). Composite decking is very durable and is essentially impervious to rot so it has a much longer lifespan than wood. The initial cost is higher than wood but requires a lot less maintenance so the amortized cost maybe lower.

Sky Tech Construction handles all the concrete work required for supporting and anchoring the deck.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decks

  1. Cost – clients who have done their homework understand that composite decking is more expensive than wooden decking often by a factor of 2-3 times as much, but the lower cost of maintenance often means that the long term cost is lower. We’ll discuss your options and put together a quotation that covers what you need within your budget.