New roof for gazebo, Ringwood, NJ 07456

Not all jobs are huge projects – some just solve a specific, small, maybe irritating problem that nevertheless requires an expert touch.

A local client in Ringwood NJ had a lovely gazebo on their deck that overlooked the lake behind their house. It was lovely in every respect other than the roof which had been built with standard materials that weren’t really designed to stand up to the rigors of mold & algae growth, brought about by its proximity to the water.

Sky Tech Construction came in and installed the perfect solution – a metal roof! The color matched the original structure very well and the possibility of future mold and algae growth has been reduced to essentially zero! We even brought the sunshine and blue skies!

When you’re planning your next exterior home improvement project – whether its a new deck, new roof or new siding or just a small job like re-roofing your gazebo, we hope you’ll consider Sky Tech Construction. Give Dave Johnson at Sky Tech Construction a call today at 973-962-4141 and arrange your no-obligation estimate.